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Video Inspection Of Sewer Lines

While digging up the ground to check the condition of sewer lines can be a hassle, the video probe can make the process a snap. Unlike traditional sewer cameras, video probes use a cable with a video camera fitted at the end. The camera is aimed into the sewer line of a building, and from there toward the city’s main line. The video monitor displays the pipe’s condition, displaying any defects or clogs.

sewer lines

The larger line enters from the right and changes direction inside the manhole. The smaller line enters at the bottom. These two pipes are separated by a concrete floor. The channels in the manhole minimize the number of solids that can build up inside. The snaking process is often much cheaper than digging up the sewer line. However, you should always remember to call Plumbers In Spring TX before attempting to install sewer lines yourself. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to dig up the sewer line to make repairs.
The difference between sewer lines and storm lines lies in their composition. The storm sewer carries storm and wastewater. This makes it harder on public wastewater treatment facilities because they must treat all of the water. However, in the case of combined house sewers, the city has created dedicated public storm sewers to ease the burden on the public sewers. In contrast, the sanitary sewer collects only sanitary water, which is the water used in a home. Whether it is municipal or private, it is important to maintain the sanitation of water in the sewer line.
If you suspect your sewer lines are leaking, it is essential to get them checked. Sometimes muck and calcium deposits can build up inside the pipe, causing a clog. If you’re not sure what to do next, consider asking the building owner to do it for you. Some of the neighbors are friendly enough to let you video inspect their sewer lines. However, if the neighbor refuses to cooperate, the city sewer department will require access to the neighboring building and issue a violation to repair the pipe.
The city’s Public Works Department can help you determine which lines are your responsibility. They can also tell you where the sewer lines are located and which areas you are responsible for. In addition to sewer line repair, a plumber can help you troubleshoot a sump pump problem, collapsed water lines, and many other plumbing issues. Before you decide on a plumbing service, consider the past problems and what you’ll be needing in the future.
Most sewer lines are not especially large, but they can clog over time depending on how much water you use, how you dispose of items and other factors. Toilets are the most common culprit of sewer line clogging, and a noninvasive inspection will identify any problems without the need for expensive excavation. If a sewer pipe is severely damaged, it may be necessary to replace it altogether. It is crucial to have a plumber check the pipes once a year.
There are two main methods for sewer line repair: pipe lining and pipe bursting. In pipelining, an epoxy-impregnated liner is inserted into a crumbling pipe and inflated. This process forms a new pipe inside the old one. In pipe bursting, a new pipe is pushed into the old pipe and breaks apart the old one. For both methods, professional sewer line repair is a better option than digging up your yard to clear the blockage.
Residential sewer lines usually measure four inches in diameter. The reason they are smaller is that larger pipes would spread the water pressure around and slow the flow of waste. Smaller pipes are focused on the waste and create more pressure. Toilet drain pipes are typically 3 inches in diameter, while washing machines and laundry sinks require two-inch-diameter drain pipes. The same goes for shower drain pipes. If you notice any of these issues, call a plumber right away!
A clogged main line can cause multiple drains in a home. Sewer clean-outs are a less expensive option, but may not be required by code. It also acts as a release if the main line backs up. The clean-out allows the water to escape outside. A clogged sewer line may also cause water to back up in odd places. In this case, a video probe can help. Regardless of the solution, it’s best to seek professional help.